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Starting in 2003, AEIUCM has focused on providing educational, IT and management consultancy as well as providing a robust, dynamic, cost effective academic solution that handles all school & university operations, extending from administrative tasks to academic procedures and work flows.

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Routes Development & Consulting (RDC)

RDC was established in 2005 with its objective of continuously stimulating personal development and promoting the success of individuals and corporations. Internationally,RDC represents the Human Resource Systems Group (HRSG) which provides competency-based talent management solutions that address challenges in human capital planning, performance improvement, retention, and succession.

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Routes BTC

Routes Business Training Center was established in 2005, as a division of American Educational Institute, with the basic objective of continuously stimulating personal development and promoting success of individuals and corporations. ROUTES BTC provides your business with the sought-after edge to help you dominate the competition and take the next step to success.

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Education & Training

The American Educational Institute provides professionals and individuals with the necessary knowledge & skills to help you succeed in a variety of work roles and to function productively in society. AEI offers a variety of certified diplomas such as teacher training certificates and sales diplomas as well as programs revolving around English communication skills, CV-enhancing diplomas & certifications, and corporate training.

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Our Approach

We work closely with our clients to address their educational and technology needs to provide only the best service and ensure a strong bond.

We have always been committed to being a responsible actor in the community and this community-oriented approach is a commitment on our behalf to both present & future generations, to grow together with our community and all our other markets. We constantly approach all our clients with a spirit of partnership and cooperation, working towards maximizing the benefits of our services to the advantage of our clients by being customer-service oriented, offering complete customization, and using a win-win approach.

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Business Development Partners

How to become one

The purpose of the Business Development Partnership (BDP) program is to establish a strong progressive business relationship with well established Consultancy Firms and/or Information Technology and System Integration Companies who have the experience, human and financial capabilities and resources to market, sell, implement, and support AEIUCM (University and Campus Management) Solutions.

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Excellence is what you expect and we aim for!


We provide objective advice, expertise and specialist skills with the aim of creating value, maximising business performance of our clients.


Quality Assurance

Our range of process implementation, software quality assurance, and project management solutions has proved itself in the local and global market.



Educational Training

We provide a full consultancy and management service for all your training needs or academic courses for your employees.


We are experts in our field offering a professional service to all our clients and students.

Corporate Training

-Workshop & Seminars-

To pursue its mission, the American Educational Institute offers the most demanded seminars and training programs given by highly-experienced professionals. Our flexible & innovative solutions are fully-customized to help further...

-Business English Skills-

English is fast becoming the first global language and more & more companies are adjusting their policies to better prepare for this reality. The American Educational Institute provides corporate English...


-Teacher Training Certificate-

The Ministry-Certified Teacher Training Certificate The American Educational Institute offers the Ministry-certified Teacher Training Certificate that is always in high demand. The program is designed for students desiring to become...

-Travel & Tourism-

The Travel & Tourism program prepares students for the IATA International Travel & Tourism Consultant Certificate. The program provides an understanding of the travel & tourism industry, customer service concepts,...

-Nursery Management-

The American Educational Institute’s unique program is designed to allow candidates to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude required for childhood development. Furthermore, students gain a greater awareness of the...


-Business Oriented English-

Today, English is by far the most important language in the world and required for almost any job. To better prepare you for the workplace, the American Educational Institute, in...

-Sat Prep-

The American Educational Institute offers the latest in SAT preparation. We offer classes as well as private tutoring and, if students adopt our methods and follow our directions, then results...

-Toefl Prep-

The American Educational Institute offers intensive TOEFL preparation to prepare you for the real-world. Learn the latest strategies proven to improve your score. Take advantage of numerous official TOEFL practice...

-TOEFL iBT® Details-

As of September 2005, a new, Internet-based version of the TOEFL® test is now the dominant version of the TOEFL given, Except in rare circumstances, the TOEFL paper-based test is...

-IELTS Prep-

With the latest curriculum on the market, the American Educational Institute offers intensive IELTS preparation to maximize your score and allow you to get where you want. Also, learn the...

-University English Entrance Exam-

The American Educational Institute now offers University EEE prep courses to prepare you for all types of English Entrance Exams. The American Educational Institute’s one-on-one tutoring sessions with highly-experienced instructors...

-English Conversation Classes-

The number one skill individuals & professionals demand of English classes is conversation. The American Educational Institute now offers unique conversation-focused classes allowing you to freely converse among other students...

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We are committed to providing the most efficient and innovative solutions in the market


We set only the highest standards for our work by being members of the most credible international awarding bodies in the world


We aim to offer consistency and predictability in offering quality solutions based on the highest standards in the industry


Transparency, integrity, and fairness are at the core of our company. This is what has put the trust of over 70 organizations in our company


Complete collaboration and cooperation with our clients is a cornerstone of our policy aimed to ensure trust, loyalty, and synergy

Social Responsibility

Our mission and reason for being is the commitment to serve our community and region in the most effective manner as possible