Course Management Solution

Management of COURSE MANAGEMENT Solution:

FIRST PARTY shall install and manage administratively a course content management solution.


Educational Training

FIRST PARTYwill provide 15 training workshops every year to Second Party Teachers, in topics related to (but not limited to):

    • Education Management
    • Teacher Training
    • Special Education
    • Integration of Technology into Education
    • Business Englisht
    • Educational quality assurance

Topics to be selected based on the assement of teachers and a strategic plan for the school to be planned with SECOND PARTY.


Head Hunting for Academic and Administration Positions

FIRST PARY, based on assements and growth needs, will plan and recruit on behalf of FIRST PARTY needed academic and administrative positions in FIRST PARTY School(s).

Financial Packages and recruitment guideline are to be coordinated with SECOND PARTY.


Quality Assurance and Accreditation Management (Optional):

FIRST PARTY shall appoint a quality assurance consultant to:

        1. Audit academic performance of SECOND PARTY staff.
        2. Audit administrative staff and procedures
        3. Ensure Customer Satisfaction
        4. Improve Quality of Education


This process will be based upon international standards and eventually lead to school being accredited and affiliated with international institutions, and is based on a 2 full days/week.

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