Today, English is by far the most important language in the world and required for almost any job. To better prepare you for the workplace, the American Educational Institute, in partnership with schools, universities, and businesses, has created a first-class English program designed to give you the English skills you need to succeed. Also, the program is taught by native English teachers. This program extends to cover a complete English curriculum (10 levels) helping you master the first truly global language.

  • American & British instructors
  • Programs & classes developed in partnership with businesses
  • Small classes for better quality
  • Conversation classes available
  • Morning & evening classes
  • Professionally-certified
  • Learn the American/British accent

When I started my first class, I did not know English at all. I was scared to speak in front of other people. I didn't know how to write English emails at work. And I needed English a lot. After taking four levels at the American Educational Institute, I am now confident in speaking, writing, listening, and reading. I am truly surprised at how my teacher was able to help me. I never thought I would speak or write English this well! If you want to learn English, for any reason, go to the American Educational Institute as soon as possible!

Loujain Tarho
Continuing & Devoted Student

Follow in the footsteps of all our successful students and learn listening, speaking, reading, and writing English at a high level.

  • Level 1 - Fundamentals of English
  • Level 2 - General English Principals
  • Level 3 - Basic Business-Oriented English
  • Level 4 - Intermediate Business-Oriented English
  • Level 5 - Advanced Business-Oriented English
  • Level 6 - Business Conversation
  • Level 7 - Organizational English
  • Level 8 - Business English for the External Environment
  • Level 9 - English for Management
  • Level 10 - English for Specific Business Topics

The program focuses on: Conversation in a business-setting, business writing, grammar, vocabulary, reading, comprehension, general writing, and fluency.

Morning and evening schedules available.

All original books are included with each level.

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